Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Time to Dance: EWHS Dance Classes Show Off Skills at Recital

By: Diamond Evans

On Thursday, May 5th East Wake High School performed a dance recital.  Dance teacher Ms. Cathy Wills had her students from each period perform that night as part of their class grade.  It was a student-led production, as students worked hard to develop choreography, costumes, lighting cues, music cuts, and marketing for the event. The majority of the dancers were nervous but excited at the same time. The admission of the event was $5 for students and $7 for adults.  Sophomore Demaria Jackson stated, “I think we put a lot into our recital: good dedication and hard work; there were a few bumps, but of course we managed to get through it. It was fun to see what would could create by ourselves.”

The types of dances that were performed were African, musical theatre, ballet, hip-hop, tap dancing, and lyrical.  The performers wore clothes that fit in with each theme of the songs. During the two acts a total of 23 dances were performed, 12 dances in the first act and 11 in the second.  The beginning of the recital started off with a poem dance written by Kimia Bell, Unique Champion, Ashleigh Tew, Christina Valentic, and Katye Wainwright, where each person expressed herself through her own dance.  The finale was “7/11,” by Beyonc√© and performed by all of the dancers in all three of Ms. Wills’ classes.

Freedom! Sophomores Amani Boyd, D’lijah Ellis, and Shawnie Green dance to their West African song about freedom at the dance recital on May 5th. “I was the most nervous about performing the African dance; it took us a very long time to put it together to get it RIGHT! I was so anxious about it I was counting out loud on stage to make sure that we’d stay together,” commented Green.

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