Thursday, June 2, 2016

Chanda's Secrets a Must Read

HIV/AIDS are consuming the continent of Africa! In the gripping suspense-filled thriller Chanda’s secret, a sixteen year old is forced to battle with the virus as it continues to force its way into her life. I recommend this book as a must read to my fellow young adult readers. Chanda’s Secrets was awarded the Michael L. Printz Honor Book for Excellence in YA Literature, ALA along with many other awards.

By: Samaya Edwards

AIDS is running wild in Africa and Chanda’s family is hiding something…

Chanda’s Secrets is a suspense-filled book that focuses on the hardships of a teenage girl who lives amid the HIV/AIDS pandemic of Africa. The thrilling book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as the story progresses. It reveals problems that are unknown to our society as it takes place across the Atlantic ocean, on a different continent. This book gives you a little insight to what life is like for a teenage girl living in poverty.

Chanda’s Secrets focuses on the life of sixteen year old teenager, Chanda. Chanda is an intelligent hardworking student and a good person. She wants to make life better for herself and her family. She lives in a single parent home with her mother Lillian, and two siblings Iris and Soly. The story tells of the struggles that Chanda faces. Throughout the book Chanda faces the recurring issues of death, shame, and secrets. However, the biggest problem Chanda is forced to tackle is HIV and AIDS. With the huge outbreak of the disease the fatality rate is running rampant. Surrounded by death, Chanda is forced to face the inevitable as she has to overcome the obstacles the virus brings.

As I read Chanda's secrets I couldn’t put the book down.The story was filled with many twists and turns. It also revealed many secrets throughout the book which is intriguing to the reader. For me personally, I was able to really connect with the main character Chanda. I saw myself in her which made the book that much more interesting. I must say the emotional connection I felt was very real. I was touched by this book as the resolution almost brought me to tears.

Spring Brings Creativity to East Wake Students

Trash to Fashion: Seniors Rebekah Irwin and Kaitlynn Blow stand together during the Rubbish to Runway Trashion Show. Blow’s dress, made of random odds and ends including dental floss, was modeled by Irwin. Blow’s original design was different and at one point was set to make noise as she bounced between the idea of using playing cards or aluminum cans. “I wanted to use something weird at first and I spent a lot of time--too much time, with the whole process of making the dress,” laughed Blow. She also described the fashion show as “awesome” and noted that it gave her goosebumps. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Bostic.

By: Gabby Talucci

East Wake students showcased their artistic abilities during the month of May. The town of Wendell hosted its first Art Walk on the May 16th as part of the local Spring Fling. Seniors Kaitlynn Blow and Michael Russo, who participated in the event, will have their paintings hung at the Town Hall for the next month. Blow also joined in on the third annual “Rubbish to Runway Trashion Show” presented at the Mercedes Benz in Durham by Mercedes Benz and FRANK where she entered her self designed and constructed dress. The dress was made of aluminum cans, dental floss, trash bags, and bottle caps and was modeled by senior Rebekah Irwin.

In addition, Artsplosure accepted pieces from East Wake students Sheldon Campbell, Sofia Caprio, Angie Mejia-Leiba, and Summer Sims. These pieces were displayed in downtown Raleigh in the PNC Plaza. Ms. Bostic, the art teacher who helped the students enter, was very proud of the display of artistic ability. “It is an amazing feeling to have my students have their work validated by the community.I know that all judging and contests are subjective, but when someone besides myself recognizes the talents of our students, it's awesome!”

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Time to Dance: EWHS Dance Classes Show Off Skills at Recital

By: Diamond Evans

On Thursday, May 5th East Wake High School performed a dance recital.  Dance teacher Ms. Cathy Wills had her students from each period perform that night as part of their class grade.  It was a student-led production, as students worked hard to develop choreography, costumes, lighting cues, music cuts, and marketing for the event. The majority of the dancers were nervous but excited at the same time. The admission of the event was $5 for students and $7 for adults.  Sophomore Demaria Jackson stated, “I think we put a lot into our recital: good dedication and hard work; there were a few bumps, but of course we managed to get through it. It was fun to see what would could create by ourselves.”

The types of dances that were performed were African, musical theatre, ballet, hip-hop, tap dancing, and lyrical.  The performers wore clothes that fit in with each theme of the songs. During the two acts a total of 23 dances were performed, 12 dances in the first act and 11 in the second.  The beginning of the recital started off with a poem dance written by Kimia Bell, Unique Champion, Ashleigh Tew, Christina Valentic, and Katye Wainwright, where each person expressed herself through her own dance.  The finale was “7/11,” by BeyoncĂ© and performed by all of the dancers in all three of Ms. Wills’ classes.

Freedom! Sophomores Amani Boyd, D’lijah Ellis, and Shawnie Green dance to their West African song about freedom at the dance recital on May 5th. “I was the most nervous about performing the African dance; it took us a very long time to put it together to get it RIGHT! I was so anxious about it I was counting out loud on stage to make sure that we’d stay together,” commented Green.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Prom 2016: Dancing the Night Away

East Wake High School's prom, themed Mardi Gras, took place Friday, April 29, 2016 at City Market, in downtown Raleigh from 8 pm until 12 am. Students walked in to a magical room, filled with hanging lights and Mardi-Gras themed decorations, and DJ Highrise's beats playing in the background.  Over the course of the evening, school administrative assistant Teressa Allmon introduced the seniors at a senior walk, a special moment for the class of 2016.  Later, principals Stacey Alston and Jennifer Newby announced the big news everyone was waiting to hear: Prom King and Queen. Tyler Burton and Tessa Perry were crowned and danced together in the spotlight. Junior Tyease Wooten remembers, "When I first walked in, I was amazed by how nice it was. I loved the lights and the location. I can't wait to do it again next year." Many other students agreed with this sentiment; they were happy to have the prom at City Market this year. In recent years, East Wake has held its prom at the Wendell Community Center but decided to move the venue for this year's event. Most of the students were excited by the change, which helped contribute to the formal atmosphere.

Appreciating Our Teachers

By: Alayjah Jones

May 2nd-6th was Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers were appreciated all over the country. At East Wake High School, teachers were made to feel extra special. During this week organizations like the Student Council, PTA, and FFA and local businesses like Wendell Falls put together lunches for our staff. Lunches consisted of catered meals from Sweet Tomatoes, Jersey Mikes, Dickeys BBQ,  Moes, and Sheetz, and breakfast items came from Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts. English teacher Mrs. Rachel Marchant reported, “Out of the entire week my favorite day was Wednesday when we had ate Dickeys BBQ, because it’s always good to have a good meal to fill you up during the day.” Mrs. Natalie Clark, also from the English department, agreed that Dickey’s was her favorite, because she had to have a second helping of the macaroni and cheese.

Not only were lunches provided, but Mr. Garry Allmon set up free car details for teachers through his automotive classes. Lots of teachers were satisfied with this offering, including science teacher Rhonda Rhodes. “I think the kids did a very good job washing my car; it was nice to get it done free,” said Mrs. Rhodes. Many teachers enjoyed this extra perk of Teacher Appreciation Week. And the parking lot was full of shiny cars throughout the week.


History teacher Mr. Mike Costantino prepares his hot dog plate during Friday’s lunch, catered by FFA. Teachers and staff enjoyed lunches every day of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Driving to Live Campaign Makes a Frontal Impact on Student Drivers at East Wake

By: Samaya Edwards

Last year, more than 58,000 collisions involved teenagers here in North Carolina. Bad driving habits like texting while driving and speeding have become more prevalent among student drivers. It was essential to bring the severity of these issues to the attention of these student drivers.

Driving to Live was a presentation launched by state troopers at East Wake. It was directed towards student drivers to encourage them to stay safe on the road. With intentions to prevent roadside dangers, certain measures were taken to get the point across to drivers. For instance, more troopers were added to high schools to enforce driving laws, especially speed limit. For most students the presentation was intense and a little disturbing. Senior Amarachi Achonu was sitting in the front row during the presentation. Achonu says, “The assembly was very straight to the point. The officer came in and told us he had one job, which was he was trying to save our lives. He was very loud and very detailed with heart-breaking stories and gruesome descriptions. This made people in the room skirmish, and some people thought it was inappropriate, but I thought that it was just real. The hard truth doesn’t get watered down and I think that he achieved his goal and got through to a lot of people in the room. He really made them rethink their choices.” Achonu’s personal account of the assembly really summarizes the presentation as a whole. It shows how the officer was able to impact the students’ lives and emphasize the importance of driving safely.

IMG_5436.JPGKeep your eyes on the road! During East Wake’s prom week, a special car was put on display at the front entrance of the student parking lot. STEM director, Ms. Katoina Ford said, “Last week, the agency added more troopers to high schools  to enforce speed limits around work zones.The North Carolina Highway Patrol said the initiative is especially important as prom season gets underway across the state.” Having the car right out front of the school made drivers really consider the choices they made behind the wheel as they left and entered the student parking lot.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Protect That Pringle: The Pringles Challenge Comes to EWHS

IMG_0064.JPGHard at Work: Ray Omabu, 9, Nuvia Maganda, 10, and Darreese Ingram, 12, test their contraptions by placing their Pringles in the center.

By: Nan Becerra

In Mr. Stephen Fister’s first period class, Introduction to Engineering Design, a Pringles Challenge project was given to his students.  He got the idea from a challenge on the internet--The Pringles Challenge. Their job was to design a product that would safely protect a Pringle chip while it was mailed through the US Postal service. Once they designed the contraption, students mailed their packages to a school in Mississippi and received packages from that same school. According to Mr. Fister, EWHS sent a total of nine packages, and we received ten. The main challenge was to construct the smallest and least massive package that also provided the most protection for such a fragile item--the chip.

Introduction to Engineering Design is a class where students learn about designing objects that are made in the real world of engineering. A top packaging engineer in the industry can expect a salary of $85,000, so this particular project provides real-life experience if students wish to go this route. In addition, the use of a software called “Inventor” helps the students make a 3D model of designs they want to make. This is what real engineers use to make items like airplanes and cars.

This was the first time that Mr. Fister has done this Pringles Challenge project in his class, and he looks forward to doing it in future years. Mr. Fister also teaches Digital Electronics and Engineering Design and Development. He anticipates a class of curious learners next school year.

Challenging Himself: Jaziah Rispress, 9, works on his design. “This project was a fun and interesting experience," Rispress said.

Online Athletic Website Launches for 2016-17 School Year

By: Shawnie Green

The athletic department is now collecting athletic paperwork online. The only thing that will be turned in on paper will be medical history and the physical forms. All athletes need to register online. You will need to go to the “Participant Forms” tab on the right side. For first-time registrations online, you must create an account. Once you create an account, you can register. For those who have no access to a computer or the internet, a paper copy will be provided but must be requested from Mr. Randy Pridgen, athletic trainer. If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Pridgen at

Click on this link to register:

Seniors Pick Up Caps and Gowns

DSC_5455.JPGSenior Caylin Stokes is excited for her senior year and the graduation ceremony. She realizes it’s all coming to an end as she picks up her cap and gown.

By: Shawnie Green

As seniors wrap up their last year in high school, they have to complete a monumental milestone: graduation. It’s been a long four years but now it’s time for them to go out and experience life beyond high school. May 5th and 6th the seniors got to pick up their caps and gowns from Herff Jones for graduation on June 10th. For some it’s been a little bittersweet. Senior Nilasia Chavis said, “I’m so excited and I can’t believe it’s almost time, but I’m ready for this new chapter in my life. It has been an emotional ride.”

Graduation will take place at the Raleigh Convention Center on June 10th at 8 am.

Service Above Self

Interact Club.jpgWith club meetings twice a month, the Interact Club carries out two service projects a year: one project that helps the school or the community and one that promotes international understanding. “Interact Club is open to anyone who is willing to commit the time and help make an impact in their school and community. It’s a fun club to be involved with; we do a lot all throughout the year,” stated Mrs. Coble, the club's adviser.

By: Keely White

Interact Club won the Presidential Citation award this year. This would be the first time the Interact Club won this award and the first time East Wake earned the award in this part of the county. The main goal of the Presidential Citation award is to make a positive impact in the school and the community. To achieve this award the Interact Club had to work with their sponsor Rotary Club and complete five mandatory activities. To receive this citation award they partnered with the Rotary Club of Wendell and collected and delivered Thanksgiving dinners to needy families, they participated with Operation Christmas Child by donating gift boxes to needy children, they worked with the Salvation Army by partnering with Rotarians at the Zebulon Walmart to collect Christmas donations, they created gifts for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and they are planning to serve with the Children’s Carnival on May 13th.

Interact is an organization for students who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care about most. Throughout Interact Club, you can carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, develop leadership skills and most of all have fun!! Interact is seeking leadership roles for the coming year, specifically juniors or seniors. The club currently has 27 active members. To join, please sign up during the Fall Club Week 2016 or see adviser Mrs. Coble for more information.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Meet Our Staff

Row 1: Samaya Edwards, Shawnie Green, Amarachi Achonu, Nan Becerra. Row 2: Isaiah Lucas, Emily Villegas, Alayjah Jones, Diamond Evans, Gabby Tallucci, Keely White, Tyease Wooten.

The current 2016 Shield staff consists of nine students, under adviser Ms. Lori Anderson.  We meet daily in Room 159 and work to keep you updated about school events while we produce the yearbook and manage photography deadlines for the school.

Editor in Chief: Amarachi Achonu

Copy Editor: Gabby Tallucci

Photography Editor: Keely White

Staff Writers: Nan Becerra, Samaya Edwards, Diamond Evans, Shawnie Green, Alayjah Jones, Tyease Wooten  (fall members included Isaiah Lucas and Emily Villegas)  

Friday, April 29, 2016

Students Take Opportunity to Save Lives as Blood Drive Returns to EWHS

Safety First:  Before you are able to donate blood, you have to pass certain requirements. Iron level checks and blood pressure are just a couple of checkpoints Mrs. Sandra Tyndall had to go through before donating blood at a past blood drive event.

By: Nan Becerra

On April 22, 2016, EWHS was part of a blood drive again at here at the school. Ninety-three people registered for this life saving event, and 74 pints of blood were donated, meaning that 222 lives could be saved. Anyone at or over the age of 17 was able to donate a pint of blood, and one donation can help to save three lives. This event was also possible thanks to Rex Hospital and their mobile buses.

HOSA club sponsored the event, managed by adviser Sandra Tyndall. Mrs.Tyndall, who attended UNC-CH and later took graduate courses at NCSU, teaches various classes about the human body and health and shares her passion for how we can all give back to the community. She served as the event coordinator, and Mrs. Pamela Lister and Mrs. Glenda Davis, both teachers in EWHS's Health Sciences Department, helped to facilitate Friday's drive since Mrs. Tyndall had a prior commitment.

Many students who donated were nervous and afraid something bad might happen--at least for the first-timers that is. For other students, this was their second, third, or even more times, but the anxiety was still a factor for many students.  Alyssa K. Moody, a junior, has donated blood more than once and will still continue to do so. She said, “Giving blood has been a great experience for me; I would love to donate again. The staff is very friendly and always caring.”

WOW Warriors: Demetrius Roberson Plans Big

Demetrius Roberson has big plans for his future. He wants to become a music producer and hit it big like Metro Boomin’.

By: Alajyah Jones

Sophomore Demetrius Roberson enjoys making beats and writing songs. He dreams of moving out of North Carolina and becoming a music producer. 

Using his own Macbook and recording equipment, he enjoys making beats and writing music for other people to enjoy and believes that one day he is going to go far. Roberson started making beats and music his 8th grade year.  In the future, Roberson plans  on going to college to pursue his dreams of  being a music producer. One of his idols is Metro Boomin’, because Metro is only 22 years old and is producing some of the hottest artists out, such as Future, Drake, Young Thug and Chief Keef. Roberson’s current mentor is Sean Gill, who's also a music producer from Patterson, New Jersey and lives in Raleigh, NC. Gill produces artists from all over and books shows. He plays a big part in Roberson’s life as far as helping him stay on the right track with the music and teaching him everything he needs to know about producing. We look forward to seeing this Wow Warrior in shining lights in the near future.

Who's Got Talent?

Junior Julian Alexander shows off his dance moves on stage with Sophomore McKinley Patterson.  Alexander did not just dance; he also had another performance where he sang. “ I enjoy being able to show off my dancing and singing skill any time I get the chance,” stated Alexander.

By: Keely White

From singers to dancers to actors, East Wake High School has a variety of unknown, hidden talent. On Friday, April 22nd Student Council held a talent show run by Drama Club from 6-9 pm. The show was only expected to be two hours and fifteen minutes but ran over time due to technical difficulties.

Some of the Drama Club members acted like the candidates running for president, including Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They stayed in character throughout the whole show and  introduced the singers, dancers and actors on stage.

The talent show didn’t just showcase singers and dancers. It had one student who's known for being the class clown, sophomore James Elledge, come up on stage and tell jokes. Junior James Roldan stated, ”James Elledge was really funny! My favorite joke was when he compared the school to the Nazis.” Roldan was at the talent show, showing his support for his girlfriend, sophomore Rachel Sumney, who sang “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” by Meghan Trainor.

Besides the performances from the many students, senior Hannah Rash asked her girlfriend of four months junior Mercedes De La Cruz Martinez to prom. Since Rash’s role in the talent show was playing Hillary Clinton, she had Megan Bostic, the school's art teacher make a sign to look like Hillary Clinton's campaign sign, and it asked De La Cruz to prom.

Overall, even with the show’s technical difficulties, it proved a great hit! Parents and faculty saw the students perform with courage and enthusiasm, and that made the whole show!

Sophomore Meaghan Sherron has the courage to go up on stage and sing with her guitar. “Ever since I was little I have always had a passion for singing and I have always enjoyed being on stage with my guitar,” stated Sherron.

Students Prepare as They Count Down the Days to Recital

By: Shawnie Green

“Time to Dance, May 5th, admission: $7 for adults and $5 for students”--Everyday students hear that announcement being made, and when walking through the halls they see posters advertising the recital as well.

As the recital quickly approaches and is only a few weeks away, dance teacher Ms. Cathy Wills and her students are working extra hard to make sure it is perfect. Even under the pressure everyone seems to be handling everything pretty calmly. Junior Erin Matthews said, “The most important thing we do is practice dancing full out and give each dance pros and cons.”

Junior Erin Matthews rehearses with her classmates in their student choreographed lyrical dance. “I love my small group and I can't wait to dance at the recital.”-Erin Matthews, 11

Another important aspect of recital prep is marketing and stage readiness. Ms. Wills and her students have been getting the stage ready by setting up the backdrops and programming lights and music, “which are just as important,” says freshman Sequoia Edwards. The students made posters to hang around the school to advertise the recital along with a morning announcement to get the word out, hoping to reach more people for the dance recital.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

EWHS Students Take Off to the Big Apple!

By: Diamond Evans

Senior Miles Lister, who plays the French horn, went to New York City with the band this April.  Other seniors in band and chorus went along with him too.  He said it was a different but fun experience having to go to a whole other state just to perform.  The main reason why they went on this trip was for the fun of it.  Mrs.Amy Parker, chorus teacher, said, “It’s something that the old teacher did before Mr.Mason came; they would go every four years, so that everyone will be able to go during their senior year.”  Lister also said that the concert went well and it was very interesting because he never did something big like that before.  They stayed in a hotel in New Jersey and walked around the city eating tasty, cold sandwiches and hot, fresh pizza.  They left on Friday, April 15th and came back the following Sunday.  He said that the bus was a very long and uncomfortable ride because they didn’t take many breaks.  But, overall it was a fantastic experience!

Senior Isaac Faulker displays his trumpet case after returning from his trip to New York with the band. He added the sticker “I <3 NY” as a reminder that he did something fun in his last year of band and chorus.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Finding New Rhodes

Mrs. Rhodes, who teaches biology, is one of many new faces at East Wake. Students look forward to her class and her smiling face as they enter the classroom.

By: Gabby Talucci

Of all the new faces here at East Wake, you’ve probably seen this one. Mrs. Rhonda Rhodes is a biology teacher and has a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Secondary Science. “I have always been interested in science, and I started off in nursing,” stated Rhodes. She later decided that nursing wasn’t her thing. She had considered pharmacy, but ultimately went into teaching, something she’d thought she would love to do. Since then, she has never taught chemistry or physics, though she has taught every other science. But she wasn’t always a science genius. “I struggled with science in high school, but then something clicked in college. It just made sense,” recalled Rhodes.

Aside from being a teacher, Mrs. Rhodes loves to go camping and to the mountains as often as possible with her family. She also enjoys preparing bible study lessons, traveling, and cooking. In addition, she adds that she loves her mom.

Barbershop: The Next Cut Opens as the #1 Comedy in the Box Office


There’s no place like the barbershop! The barbershop and salon are places where you converse with others  while  pampering yourself simultaneously. Calvin’s barbershop is like a second home; that brings men and women together. “The barbershop is a pillar of the neighborhood,” says Jerrod in Barbershop: The Next Cut. It shows how essential the barbershop is in their community.

By: Samaya Edwards

April 15th, 2016 was the release date of the comedy Barbershop: The Next Cut. For those of you who don’t know, Barbershop is a film series which originated in 2002. The films focus on the personal life of the main character, Calvin Palmer Jr., owner of the barbershop. Calvin is played by Ice Cube, who also doubles as executive producer.

The movie takes place in southside of Chicago where Calvin's barbershop is located. To overcome tough times Calvin (Ice Cube) and Angie (Regina Hall), the owner of the neighboring saloon,  become business partners. With the amalgamation of two antagonistic businesses, conflict is inevitable. The movie accurately portrays the men vs. women conflict in a comedic way. Despite the altercation between the sexes, Calvin has to encounter an even bigger problem. With the rapidly increasing gang, violence, and crime rate in his neighborhood, Calvin worries Jalen’s (his teenage son) fate is in jeopardy. With all the violence consuming the neighborhood Calvin and his team work together to come up with a plan in attempt to save their cherished home and loved ones.

Barbershop: The Next Cut was definitely a theatrical event that pleased the audience. It was like a big family reunion. The riveting comedy succeeded in entertaining and engaging audiences. Although Barbershop fits into the comedy genre, the movie tackles real-life issues that affect our society today. It also takes on the conflict of battle-of-the-sexes. As a fan of the Barbershop franchise I was worried this sequel wouldn’t be as good as the first two movies. I was disappointed that Michael Ealy’s character Ricky Nash did not make a comeback. However, this sequel proved me wrong as I was very satisfied with the production.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

God’s Not Dead 2 A Must-See for All

By: Gabby Tallucci

God’s Not Dead 2 stars Melissa Joan Hart alongside Jesse Metcalfe with many others, several of whom reprised their roles from God’s Not Dead. The movie premiered on the first of April making over seven million dollars its opening weekend.

Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) is a high school history teacher and a devout Christian. One day, when Brooke (Hayley Orrantia), one of Grace’s students, opens up about her struggle and about holding onto hope, Grace gives the credit to Jesus, sparking curiosity within the young student. Back in the classroom, Brooke inquires about Jesus and his teachings to which Grace gives an honest answer. After word is spread to the higher-ups and into the public, Grace finds herself in court fighting for her job and her faith--with the freedom to speak of Jesus hanging by a thread.

God’s Not Dead 2 is thought-provoking, tear-jerking, and definitely a must-see for any and all movie lovers.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Students Get Ready For Prom


Senior Damonica Blount gives us a preview of how her make up will be on April 29th at prom.  She says, “I can beat my own face, but I will get it professionally done to be more flawless at prom.”

By: Diamond Evans

Students are in the process of preparing for prom, which will take place April 29th at Market Hall.  This year’s theme is Mardi Gras, and students are excited.  Promposals occur daily, and everyone is making plans for the big night.

Senior Damonica Blount is excited about going to her second prom because she thinks this year’s prom is going to be different from last year.  She is still waiting on her secret promposal to happen, and she can’t wait for it.  She knows that she will be wearing long curly hair and getting her makeup done professionally.  But her dress will be a mystery to us because she said it will be a surprise for us, so we will have to see on the day of the prom.  She plans to ride in a Charger on the way there and make an outstanding appearance.  When she finally gets inside she wants to be with her friends and her mystery date, so she can having a wonderful night at prom.

Senior Aykia Taybron said she is really excited about prom this year.  It’s her first time going because she didn’t go to the one last year.  She thinks prom is the best memory to have in your whole high school time period.  Her date will be Tyler Burton and she plans to wear a two piece black and white dress.  Her hair will be in an updo bun with blonde highlights and also want to trim her hair too.  She knows that she will have a fantastic time there and can’t wait for prom day.

Another senior, Isaac Faulkner, asked his date in a very creative way, by putting his promposal in a fortune cookie.  He is going to have his hair in an elegant fashion; it will be combed with a part on the far right side and slicked down with gel and hairspray hold.  He’s also going to get his beard lined up and trimmed.  He really cares about how his girlfriend feels about celebrating their first prom together. He wants her to have a better time than he does because he loves her so much.

Whether excited about proposing to a significant other or just getting the right outfit, students are definitely preparing for their big night. It will be an event to remember.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

WOW Warriors: Isaiah Lucas

Lucas smiles for the camera as he is awarded East Wake’s WOW Warrior. He commented, “I was so surprised and so honored to be this month's star student. I totally wasn’t expecting it.”

By: Shawnie Green

This week's star student goes to one of East Wake’s finest, Isaiah Lucas. Lucas is very involved in school as he is an active member of student council, Men of Excellence, and FCA. He manages to keep straight A’s while having a part time job at the Wendell Parks and Recreation. Lucas stays active in his community and church by volunteering and helping others. He told us, “I like to help out at church by volunteering at our clothing drives, food drives and other events.”

When he isn’t hard at work you can catch him hard at play or even relaxing. In his spare time Lucas plays video games, plays sports, watches ESPN, and listens to music. Lucas also shines on the inside too by showing great character. His chemistry teacher Rebecca Williams said, “Isaiah is a very kind gentleman who has a nice personality. He makes me laugh on a daily basis.” One of Isaiah’s close friends Tyler Winston remarked, “Isaiah is very dependable. I can always count on him and he always helps me when I am in need.”

It is easy to see that Lucas is well deserving of this award and is one of our best candidates.

First Ever Poetry Reading and Art Show Brings Out Crowds

By: Keely White

Free snacks, poetry reading and amazing art! On April 6th East Wake High School's National Art Honor Society and poetry club held its first art show and poetry reading. Students, parents and faculty were invited to come out from 6:30-7:30 to look at student-created artwork and poetry. The type of art included photography, paintings, jewelry and drawings. Megan Bostic, the school's art teacher and National Art Honor Society adviser said, "It was inspiring for me to be a part of the event and witness the bravery of the students who volunteered to read their poetry out loud to our audience. It was encouraging for me to see the parent support present and students bringing their parents and family members in to show off their art pieces." Earlier that day a couple of students who wanted to read their poems but would be unable to attend recorded themselves reading their poems, so the video could be played that night. This gave everyone a chance to participate and added to the event’s artistic atmosphere. Overall, the art show and poetry reading was a great turn out, and everyone had a good time and got to see some amazing art.

Sophomore Megan Faircloth and her family look and observe the artwork created by the students at East Wake. She was one of the few students who had the courage to read her poem in front of the audience. “I really enjoyed seeing the cool art work everyone made and being able to share a poem that means a lot to me," stated Faircloth.