Thursday, April 14, 2016

A New “Way” For EWHS Physical Education Classes

New to EWHS, Ms.Whitney Way brings her experience and coaching expertise to the physical education department.

By: Nan Becerra

Here at East Wake High School, we have staff and students who come and go over time. And Ms. Whitney Way is an example of this. Coming from Hunt High School in Wilson, NC, she recently moved to the area. She is a P.E teacher who is excited to meet more people. “Everyone has been very welcoming,” said Ms. Way. She is a replacement for Mrs. Goodson, a P.E teacher who retired after her long journey here at East Wake High.

Having Ms. Way at school give students and staff a lot to talk about. “She is doing great; we are glad we have her here,” said Coach Melton. Being a P.E teacher can be tough, but how tough? Well, she has three classes, which include health and P.E classes. By this you can guess she is busy. Even though she has been teaching for about seven years, she also has a life after school. She has  two nieces, and she has six dogs. She is a very active person, with some of her outgoing hobbies. She likes to  coach softball and volleyball, probably because she played both sports in school; she also likes camping. Ms. Way will be here at EWHS for the foreseeable future. She said, “I plan to stay as long as East Wake will  have me.”

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