Friday, April 29, 2016

Students Prepare as They Count Down the Days to Recital

By: Shawnie Green

“Time to Dance, May 5th, admission: $7 for adults and $5 for students”--Everyday students hear that announcement being made, and when walking through the halls they see posters advertising the recital as well.

As the recital quickly approaches and is only a few weeks away, dance teacher Ms. Cathy Wills and her students are working extra hard to make sure it is perfect. Even under the pressure everyone seems to be handling everything pretty calmly. Junior Erin Matthews said, “The most important thing we do is practice dancing full out and give each dance pros and cons.”

Junior Erin Matthews rehearses with her classmates in their student choreographed lyrical dance. “I love my small group and I can't wait to dance at the recital.”-Erin Matthews, 11

Another important aspect of recital prep is marketing and stage readiness. Ms. Wills and her students have been getting the stage ready by setting up the backdrops and programming lights and music, “which are just as important,” says freshman Sequoia Edwards. The students made posters to hang around the school to advertise the recital along with a morning announcement to get the word out, hoping to reach more people for the dance recital.

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