Thursday, April 14, 2016

WOW Warriors: Isaiah Lucas

Lucas smiles for the camera as he is awarded East Wake’s WOW Warrior. He commented, “I was so surprised and so honored to be this month's star student. I totally wasn’t expecting it.”

By: Shawnie Green

This week's star student goes to one of East Wake’s finest, Isaiah Lucas. Lucas is very involved in school as he is an active member of student council, Men of Excellence, and FCA. He manages to keep straight A’s while having a part time job at the Wendell Parks and Recreation. Lucas stays active in his community and church by volunteering and helping others. He told us, “I like to help out at church by volunteering at our clothing drives, food drives and other events.”

When he isn’t hard at work you can catch him hard at play or even relaxing. In his spare time Lucas plays video games, plays sports, watches ESPN, and listens to music. Lucas also shines on the inside too by showing great character. His chemistry teacher Rebecca Williams said, “Isaiah is a very kind gentleman who has a nice personality. He makes me laugh on a daily basis.” One of Isaiah’s close friends Tyler Winston remarked, “Isaiah is very dependable. I can always count on him and he always helps me when I am in need.”

It is easy to see that Lucas is well deserving of this award and is one of our best candidates.

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