Friday, April 15, 2016

Students Get Ready For Prom


Senior Damonica Blount gives us a preview of how her make up will be on April 29th at prom.  She says, “I can beat my own face, but I will get it professionally done to be more flawless at prom.”

By: Diamond Evans

Students are in the process of preparing for prom, which will take place April 29th at Market Hall.  This year’s theme is Mardi Gras, and students are excited.  Promposals occur daily, and everyone is making plans for the big night.

Senior Damonica Blount is excited about going to her second prom because she thinks this year’s prom is going to be different from last year.  She is still waiting on her secret promposal to happen, and she can’t wait for it.  She knows that she will be wearing long curly hair and getting her makeup done professionally.  But her dress will be a mystery to us because she said it will be a surprise for us, so we will have to see on the day of the prom.  She plans to ride in a Charger on the way there and make an outstanding appearance.  When she finally gets inside she wants to be with her friends and her mystery date, so she can having a wonderful night at prom.

Senior Aykia Taybron said she is really excited about prom this year.  It’s her first time going because she didn’t go to the one last year.  She thinks prom is the best memory to have in your whole high school time period.  Her date will be Tyler Burton and she plans to wear a two piece black and white dress.  Her hair will be in an updo bun with blonde highlights and also want to trim her hair too.  She knows that she will have a fantastic time there and can’t wait for prom day.

Another senior, Isaac Faulkner, asked his date in a very creative way, by putting his promposal in a fortune cookie.  He is going to have his hair in an elegant fashion; it will be combed with a part on the far right side and slicked down with gel and hairspray hold.  He’s also going to get his beard lined up and trimmed.  He really cares about how his girlfriend feels about celebrating their first prom together. He wants her to have a better time than he does because he loves her so much.

Whether excited about proposing to a significant other or just getting the right outfit, students are definitely preparing for their big night. It will be an event to remember.

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