Thursday, April 28, 2016

EWHS Students Take Off to the Big Apple!

By: Diamond Evans

Senior Miles Lister, who plays the French horn, went to New York City with the band this April.  Other seniors in band and chorus went along with him too.  He said it was a different but fun experience having to go to a whole other state just to perform.  The main reason why they went on this trip was for the fun of it.  Mrs.Amy Parker, chorus teacher, said, “It’s something that the old teacher did before Mr.Mason came; they would go every four years, so that everyone will be able to go during their senior year.”  Lister also said that the concert went well and it was very interesting because he never did something big like that before.  They stayed in a hotel in New Jersey and walked around the city eating tasty, cold sandwiches and hot, fresh pizza.  They left on Friday, April 15th and came back the following Sunday.  He said that the bus was a very long and uncomfortable ride because they didn’t take many breaks.  But, overall it was a fantastic experience!

Senior Isaac Faulker displays his trumpet case after returning from his trip to New York with the band. He added the sticker “I <3 NY” as a reminder that he did something fun in his last year of band and chorus.

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