Friday, April 29, 2016

Students Take Opportunity to Save Lives as Blood Drive Returns to EWHS

Safety First:  Before you are able to donate blood, you have to pass certain requirements. Iron level checks and blood pressure are just a couple of checkpoints Mrs. Sandra Tyndall had to go through before donating blood at a past blood drive event.

By: Nan Becerra

On April 22, 2016, EWHS was part of a blood drive again at here at the school. Ninety-three people registered for this life saving event, and 74 pints of blood were donated, meaning that 222 lives could be saved. Anyone at or over the age of 17 was able to donate a pint of blood, and one donation can help to save three lives. This event was also possible thanks to Rex Hospital and their mobile buses.

HOSA club sponsored the event, managed by adviser Sandra Tyndall. Mrs.Tyndall, who attended UNC-CH and later took graduate courses at NCSU, teaches various classes about the human body and health and shares her passion for how we can all give back to the community. She served as the event coordinator, and Mrs. Pamela Lister and Mrs. Glenda Davis, both teachers in EWHS's Health Sciences Department, helped to facilitate Friday's drive since Mrs. Tyndall had a prior commitment.

Many students who donated were nervous and afraid something bad might happen--at least for the first-timers that is. For other students, this was their second, third, or even more times, but the anxiety was still a factor for many students.  Alyssa K. Moody, a junior, has donated blood more than once and will still continue to do so. She said, “Giving blood has been a great experience for me; I would love to donate again. The staff is very friendly and always caring.”

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